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PDFWAC 388-831-0010


The definitions in this section apply throughout the chapter unless the context clearly requires otherwise.
"Certified community protection program residential services" means access to twenty-four hour supervision, instruction, and support services as identified in the person's individual support plan.
"Community protection program" see WAC 388-831-0020.
"Constitutes a risk to others" means a determination of a person's risk and/or dangerousness based upon a thorough assessment by a qualified professional. Actuarial risk assessment instruments should be used to supplement clinical judgment whenever appropriate.
"Department" means the department of social and health services.
"Developmental disability" means that condition defined in WAC 388-823-0040 and RCW 71A.10.020(3).
"Disclosure" means providing copies of professional assessments, incident reports, legal documents, and other information pertaining to community protection issues to ensure the provider has all relevant information. Polygraph and plethysmograph reports are excluded from disclosure.
"Division" means the division of developmental disabilities (DDD).
"Managed successfully" means that a person supported by a community protection program does not engage in the behavior identified in WAC 388-831-0030 and RCW 71A.12.210.
"Opportunistic behavior" means an act committed on impulse, which is not premeditated. In determining whether an act is opportunistic, the original motive or intent of the offense or crime will be considered.
"Predatory" means acts directed toward strangers, individuals with whom a relationship has been established or promoted for the primary purpose of victimization, or casual acquaintances with whom no substantial personal relationship exists. Predatory behavior may be characterized by planning and/or rehearsing the act, stalking, and/or grooming the victim.
"Program participant" means a person who has agreed to and is receiving services and supports in the community protection program.
"Qualified professional" means a licensed psychologist, psychiatrist, or a certified or affiliate sex offender treatment provider with at least three years prior experience working with individuals with developmental disabilities, and:
• If the person being assessed has demonstrated sexually aggressive or sexually violent behavior, that person must be assessed by a certified sex offender treatment provider, or affiliate sex offender treatment provider working under the supervision of a certified sex offender treatment provider; or
• If the person being assessed has demonstrated violent, dangerous, or aggressive behavior, that person must be assessed by a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist who has received specialized training in the treatment of or has at least three years prior experience treating violent or aggressive behavior.
"Restrictive procedures" or "restrictions" means procedures that restrict a client's freedom of movement, restrict access to client property, prevent a client from doing something the client wants to do, require a client to do something the client does not want to do, or remove something the client owns or has earned.
"Risk assessment" means the written opinion of a qualified professional stating, at a minimum:
• Whether a person meets the criteria in WAC 388-831-0030 and RCW 71A.12.210; and
• What restrictions are necessary to keep people safe.
"Service provider" means a person or agency contracted with the department or a sub-contractor who delivers services and supports to a community protection program participant.
"Specialized environment" means a place where the program participant has agreed to supervision in a safe, structured manner specifying rules, requirements, restrictions, and expectations for personal responsibility in order to maximize community safety.
"Treatment team" means the program participant and the group of people responsible for the development, implementation, and monitoring of the person's individual supports and services. This group may include, but is not limited to, the case resource manager, therapist, residential provider, employment/day program provider, and the person's legal representative and/or family, provided the person agrees to the family member's involvement.
"Violent" or "violence" means acts that meet the criteria for crimes listed in RCW 9.94A.030(32), 9.94A.030(45), 9.94A.030(46), 9.94A.030(54), or 9A.48.040, whether or not the person who committed the acts has been charged with or convicted of the crime.
"Waiver" means the community-based program funded under section 1915(c) of Title XIX of the federal Social Security Act and chapter 388-845 WAC.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 71A.12.030, 71A.12.210 and Title 71A RCW. WSR 10-11-051, § 388-831-0010, filed 5/12/10, effective 6/12/10. Statutory Authority: RCW 71A.12.030 and 2006 c 303. WSR 08-20-118, § 388-831-0010, filed 9/30/08, effective 10/31/08.]
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