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PDFWAC 388-78A-3090

Maintenance and housekeeping.

(1) The assisted living facility must:
(a) Provide a safe, sanitary and well-maintained environment for residents;
(b) Keep exterior grounds, assisted living facility structure, and component parts safe, sanitary and in good repair;
(c) Keep facilities, equipment and furnishings clean and in good repair; and
(d) Ensure each resident or staff person maintains the resident's quarters in a safe and sanitary condition consistent with the negotiated service agreement.
(2) The assisted living facility must provide housekeeping supply room(s):
(a) Located on each floor of the assisted living facility, except only one housekeeping supply room is required for assisted living facilities licensed for sixteen or fewer beds when there is a means other than using a stairway, for transporting mop buckets between floors;
(b) In proximity to laundry and kitchen areas; and
(c) Equipped with:
(i) A utility sink or equivalent means of obtaining and disposing of mop water, away from food preparation and service areas;
(ii) Storage for wet mops;
(iii) Locked storage for cleaning supplies; and
(iv) Mechanical ventilation to the outside of the assisted living facility.
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