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PDFWAC 388-78A-3010

Resident units.

The assisted living facility resident units must have the following:
(1) General characteristics:
(a) Units must have lever door hardware and option for lockable entry doors;
(i) Locking entry doors must unlock with single lever handle motion;
(b) Residents may not enter their rooms through another resident unit or resident bedroom;
(c) The functional program shall identify the number of units or number of licensed beds designed for staff assisted movement, bathing and toileting;
(2) Number of residents: Each resident unit shall be limited to not more than two residents.
(3) Unit configuration types:
(a) A studio unit or single room;
(b) A companion unit sized appropriately to provide two separate sleeping rooms or spaces of a common entry vestibule;
(c) A one bedroom unit with separate living and sleeping rooms; or
(d) A two bedroom unit with separate living and sleeping rooms;
(4) Bathrooms: Access to bathing/toileting facilities within the resident unit must not be through a resident sleeping room or otherwise compromise resident dignity or privacy.
(5) Sleeping rooms size:
(a) One person rooms shall have not less than eighty square feet of usable floor space;
(b) Two person rooms shall not have less than seventy square feet of usable floor space per individual;
(c) When a resident sleeping room is located within a private apartment:
(i) The private apartment includes a resident sleeping room, a resident living room, and a private bathroom;
(ii) The total square footage in the private apartment equals or exceeds two hundred-twenty square feet excluding the bathroom;
(iii) There are no more than two residents living in the apartment; or
(iv) Both residents mutually agree to share the resident sleeping room; and
(v) If all other requirements of this section are met, then the two residents may share a sleeping room with less than one hundred forty square feet; and
(d) All sleeping rooms must be of sufficient size to allow three feet between the bed and the adjacent walls or furnishings and five feet between other beds.
(6) Calculating floor space:
(a) Usable floor space in a resident's sleeping room is calculated by measuring from interior wall to interior wall surface;
(i) Including areas of door swings and entryways into the sleeping room.
(ii) Excluding areas under ceilings less than seven feet high, closet space and built-in storage, areas under counters, sinks, or appliances, bathroom and toilet rooms.
(7) Room arrangement:
(a) Each sleeping room must have unrestricted direct access to a hallway, living room, outside, or other common-use area;
(b) A resident sleeping room may not be used as a passageway, hall, intervening room, or corridor.
(8) Miscellaneous: Each sleeping room must have:
(a) One or more outside windows with:
(i) Window sills at or above grade, with grade extending horizontally ten or more feet from the building; and
(ii) Adjustable curtains, shades, blinds, or equivalent for visual privacy.
(b) Electrical receptacles consistent with the requirements of the electrical code;
(c) A light control switch located by the entrance for a light fixture in the room;
(d) An individual towel and washcloth rack or equivalent, except when there is a private bathroom attached to the resident sleeping or living room, the individual towel and washcloth rack may be located in the attached private bathroom;
(e) A lockable drawer, cupboard or other secure space measuring a least one-half cubic foot with a minimum dimension of four inches;
(f) Separate storage facilities for each resident in or immediately adjacent to that residents sleeping room to adequately store a reasonable quantity of clothing and personal possessions; and
(g) Separate storage containers for materials used in the administration of intermittent nursing services appropriate to the needs of the resident and documented in the functional program.
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