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PDFWAC 388-78A-2930

Communication system.

(1) The assisted living facility must:
(a) Provide residents and staff persons with the means to summon on-duty staff assistance from all resident-accessible areas including:
(i) Bathrooms and toilet rooms;
(ii) Resident living rooms and resident sleeping rooms; and
(iii) Corridors, as well as common and outdoor areas accessible to residents.
(b) Provide the resident with personal wireless communication devices, such as pendants or wristbands, when a communication device is not installed in the resident's sleeping room, and when wireless communications are used:
(i) The system must be designed and installed consistent with industry standards and perform reliably throughout the facility; and
(ii) The facility must have a policy and procedure describing the mitigating measures in the event of system disruption, including for maintenance and loss of power; and
(c) Provide residents, families, and other visitors with a means to contact a staff person inside the building from outside the building after hours.
(2) The assisted living facility must provide one or more nonpay telephones:
(a) In each building located for ready access for staff persons; and
(b) On the premises with reasonable access and privacy by residents.
(3) The assisted living facility must equip each resident room with access to telephone service.
(4) If an assisted living facility chooses to install an intercom system, the intercom system must be equipped with a mechanism that allows a resident to control:
(a) Whether or not announcements are broadcast into the resident's room; and
(b) Whether or not voices or conversations within the resident's room can be monitored or listened to by persons outside the resident's room.
(5) The facility must provide wireless internet access.
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