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PDFWAC 388-78A-2340

Resident-arranged services.

(1) The assisted living facility must allow a resident to arrange to receive on-site care and services from:
(a) A practitioner, licensed under Title 18 RCW regulating health care professions; and
(b) A home health, hospice, or home care agency licensed under chapter 70.127 RCW.
(2) The assisted living facility may permit the resident or the resident's legal representative, if any, to independently arrange for other persons to provide on-site care and services to the resident.
(3) The assisted living facility is not required to supervise the activities of a person providing care or services to a resident when the resident or resident's representative has independently arranged for or contracted with the person.
(4) The assisted living facility may establish policies and procedures that describe reasonable limitations, conditions, or requirements that must be met prior to an outside service provider being allowed on-site.
(5) When the resident or the resident's representative, if any, independently arranges for outside services under subsection (1) of this section, the assisted living facility's duty of care, and any negligence that may be attributed thereto, shall be limited to: The responsibilities described under subsection (3) of this section; observation of the resident for changes in overall functioning, consistent with RCW 18.20.280; notification to the person or persons identified in RCW 70.129.030 when there are observed changes in the resident's overall functioning or condition; and appropriately responding to obtain needed assistance when there are observable or reported changes in the resident's physical or mental functioning.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 18.20 RCW. WSR 13-13-063, § 388-78A-2340, filed 6/18/13, effective 7/19/13. Statutory Authority: RCW 18.20.090 (2004 c 142 § 19) and chapter 18.20 RCW. WSR 04-16-065, § 388-78A-2340, filed 7/30/04, effective 9/1/04.]
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