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PDFWAC 388-14A-8100

Are there special rules for setting child support for children in foster care?

(1) Child support obligations for children in foster care are set according to the Washington state child support schedule (the WSCSS), found in chapter 26.19 RCW.
(2) When a child or children are placed in foster care, DCS may use the administrative process to set a support obligation:
(a) As a separate obligation for each parent; or
(b) For just one parent, if:
(i) There is already a court or administrative order setting the support obligation of the other parent;
(ii) The other parent is dead; or
(iii) The other parent is unknown.
(3) When setting a support obligation for only one parent, DCS follows the procedure set out in WAC 388-14A-8125.
(4) Prior to May 1, 2022, DCS used the administrative process to set a joint support obligation for parents who are married or in a registered domestic partnership and residing together. When setting a joint obligation, DCS followed the procedures set out in WAC 388-14A-8130.
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