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PDFWAC 388-14A-5100

How does the division of child support notify the custodial parent about support collections?

(1) The division of child support (DCS) mails a distribution and disbursement statement once each month to the last known address of a person for whom it received a support collection during the month, except as provided under subsection (6) of this section.
(2) DCS includes the following information in the distribution and disbursement statement:
(a) The amount of support collections DCS received and the date of collection;
(b) A description of how DCS distributed each support collection between current support and the support debt and any fees required by state or federal law;
(c) The amount DCS claims as reimbursement for public assistance paid, if applicable;
(d) The amount kept by the state to repay public assistance paid to the family;
(e) The amount disbursed to the family as a pass-through payment under WAC 388-14A-5015;
(f) The amount disbursed to the family as a payment on support owed to the family;
(g) The amount kept by the state to pay the twenty-five dollar annual fee, if applicable; and
(h) The amount kept by the state to repay child support paid to the family in error.
(3) The person to whom a distribution and disbursement statement is sent may file a request for a hearing under subsection (4) of this section within ninety days of the date of the statement to contest how DCS distributed the support collections, and must make specific objections to the statement. The effective date of a hearing request is the date DCS receives the request.
(4) A hearing under this section is for the limited purpose of determining if DCS correctly distributed the support money described in the contested statement.
(a) There is no hearing right regarding fees that have been charged on a case.
(b) If a custodial parent (CP) wants to request a hardship waiver of the fee, the CP may request a conference board under WAC 388-14A-6400.
(5) A person who requests a late hearing must show good cause for being late.
(6) This section does not require DCS to send a distribution and disbursement statement to a recipient of payment services only.
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