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PDFWAC 388-112A-0240

What documentation is required for facility orientation training?

(1) The adult family home, enhanced services facility, and assisted living facility must maintain documentation that facility orientation training has been completed as required by this chapter. The training and documentation must be issued by the home or service provider familiar with the facility and must include:
(a) The name of the student;
(b) The title of the training;
(c) The number of hours of the training;
(d) The signature of the instructor providing facility orientation training;
(e) The student's date of hire; and
(f) The date(s) of facility orientation.
(2) The documentation required under this section must be kept in a manner consistent with chapter 388-76 WAC for adult family homes, chapter 388-107 WAC for enhanced services facilities, and chapter 388-78A WAC for assisted living facilities.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 74.39A.009, 74.39A.070, 74.39A.074, 74.39A.351, 74.39A.341, 18.20.270, 18.88B.021, 18.88B.035, 70.128.230, 71A.12.030. WSR 17-22-036, ยง 388-112A-0240, filed 10/24/17, effective 11/24/17.]
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