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PDFWAC 388-106-0338

Am I eligible for services funded by the residential support waiver?

(1) You are eligible for services funded by the residential support waiver if the department, based on its assessment of your needs in CARE, determines you meet all of the following criteria:
(a) You are at least eighteen years old and blind or have a disability as defined in WAC 182-512-0050, or are age sixty-five or older;
(b) Your income and resources fall within the limits set in WAC 182-515-1505 and meet the income and resource criteria for home and community based waiver programs and hospice clients;
(c) Your CARE assessment shows you need the level of care provided in a nursing facility or that you will likely need this level of care within thirty days unless you receive residential support waiver services as defined in WAC 388-106-0355(1);
(d) You have been assessed as medically and psychiatrically stable and one ore more of the following applies:
(i) You currently reside at a state mental hospital or the psychiatric unit of a hospital and the hospital has found you are ready for discharge to the community;
(ii) You have a history of frequent or protracted psychiatric hospitalizations; or
(iii) You have a history of an inability to remain medically or behaviorally stable for more than six months and you;
(A) Have exhibited serious challenging behaviors within the last year; or
(B) Have had problems managing your medication which has affected your ability to live in the community;
(e) Because of the protracted nature of your behavior and clinical complexity, you have no other placement options and have found no community placement with a qualified community provider;
(f) You have behavioral or clinical complexity that requires staffing supports available only in the qualified community settings provided through the residential support waiver; and
(g) You require caregiving staff with specific training in providing personal care, supervision, and behavioral supports to adults with challenging behaviors.
(2) Under this section, "challenging behaviors" means a persistent pattern of behaviors or uncontrolled symptoms of a cognitive or mental condition that inhibit the individual's functioning in public places, the facility, or integration within the community that have been present for long periods of time or have manifested as an acute onset.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 74.08.090, 74.09.520. WSR 16-19-055, § 388-106-0338, filed 9/16/16, effective 10/17/16; WSR 14-15-092, § 388-106-0338, filed 7/18/14, effective 8/18/14.]
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