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PDFWAC 388-106-0265

Do I have the right to an administrative hearing while receiving RCL services?

Yes, you may request an administrative hearing based on the rules outlined in WAC 388-106-1305 to contest eligibility decisions made by the department. Once your three hundred sixty-five days of roads to community living (RCL) eligibility end, per WAC 388-106-0256, you may not request an administrative hearing to contest the conclusion of RCL services or to request an extension.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 74.08.090, 74.09.520, and Affordable Care Act (ACA). WSR 14-01-112, § 388-106-0265, filed 12/18/13, effective 1/18/14. Statutory Authority: RCW 74.08.090, 74.09.520, and Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 (P.L. 109-171). WSR 08-18-046, § 388-106-0265, filed 8/29/08, effective 9/29/08.]
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