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PDFWAC 388-106-0200

What services may I receive under medicaid personal care (MPC)?

You may be eligible to receive only the following services under medicaid personal care (MPC):
(1) Personal care services, as defined in WAC 388-106-0010, in your own home and, as applicable, assistance with personal care tasks while you are out of the home accessing community resources or working.
(2) Personal care services in one of the following residential care facilities:
(a) Adult family homes; or
(b) A licensed assisted living facility that has contracted with the department to provide adult residential care services.
(3) Nursing services, if you are not already receiving this type of service from another resource. A registered nurse may visit you and perform any of the following activities. The frequency and scope of the nursing services is based on your individual need as determined by your CARE assessment and any additional collateral contact information obtained by your case manager:
(a) Nursing assessment/reassessment;
(b) Instruction to you and your providers;
(c) Care coordination and referral to other health care providers;
(d) Skilled treatment, only in the event of an emergency. A skilled treatment is care that would require authorization, prescription, and supervision by an authorized practitioner prior to its provision by a nurse, for example, medication administration or wound care such as debridement. In nonemergency situations, the nurse will refer the need for any skilled medical or nursing treatments to a health care provider, a home health agency or other appropriate resource;
(e) File review; and/or
(f) Evaluation of health-related care needs affecting service planning and delivery.
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