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PDFWAC 388-106-0050

What is an assessment?

(1) An assessment is an in-person interview in your home, current residence, or another location that is convenient to you that is conducted by the department, to inventory and evaluate your ability to care for yourself. The department will assess you at least every twelve months, or more often when there are significant changes necessitating revisions to your CARE plan, or at your request. If your assessment did not take place in the residence where you receive services, the department must visit that residence to evaluate your living situation and environment, for you to continue to receive services.
(2) Between assessments, the department may modify your current assessment without an in-person interview in your home or place of residence. The reasons that the department may modify your current assessment without conducting an in-person interview in your home or place of residence include but are not limited to the following:
(a) Errors made by department staff in coding the information from your in-person interview;
(b) New information requested by department staff at the time of your assessment and received after completion of the in-person interview (e.g. medical diagnosis);
(c) Changes in the level of informal support available to you; or
(d) Clarification of the coding selected.
(3) When the department modifies your current assessment, it will notify you using a Planned Action Notice of the modification regardless of whether the modification results in a change to your benefits. You will also receive a new service summary and assessment details, if requested.
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