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PDFWAC 388-105-0035

Requirements for a capital add-on rate for licensed boarding homes contracted to provide assisted living (AL) services.

(1) To the extent funds are appropriated to pay a capital add-on rate to AL contractors, beginning July 1, 2006 and every July 1 thereafter, the department will pay a capital add-on rate to AL contractors that have a medicaid occupancy percentage that equals or exceeds sixty percent as determined in accordance with subsection (2) and (3) of this section. The department will pay the capital add-on rate to those AL contractors meeting the sixty percent medicaid occupancy percentage for a full fiscal year i.e., July 1 through June 30.
(2) The department will determine an AL contractor's medicaid occupancy percentage by dividing its medicaid resident days from the last six months of the calendar year preceding the applicable July 1 rate effective date by the product of the weighted average for all its licensed boarding home beds irrespective of use times the calendar days (one hundred eighty-four) for the same six-month period.
(3) For the purposes of this section, medicaid resident days include those clients enrolled in medicaid managed long-term care programs, including but not limited to the program for all inclusive care (PACE) and medicaid/medicare integration project (MMIP).
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 74.39A RCW, RCW 18.20.290, 2006 c 372, 260, and 64. WSR 06-19-017, § 388-105-0035, filed 9/8/06, effective 10/9/06. Statutory Authority: Chapter 74.39A RCW. WSR 06-07-012, § 388-105-0035, filed 3/3/06, effective 4/3/06. Statutory Authority: 2002 c 371. WSR 02-22-058, § 388-105-0035, filed 10/31/02, effective 12/1/02.]
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