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Chapter 388-103 WAC

Last Update: 6/21/22


WAC Sections

HTMLPDF388-103-0001What definitions apply to this chapter?
HTMLPDF388-103-0002What additional definitions apply when the facility is a nursing facility or skilled nursing facility?
HTMLPDF388-103-0010What is the purpose of an adult protective services investigation?
HTMLPDF388-103-0020When does adult protective services respond to a report?
HTMLPDF388-103-0030What state-only funded services may be offered to an alleged victim?
HTMLPDF388-103-0040When does adult protective services notify the alleged perpetrator of an initial substantiated finding?
HTMLPDF388-103-0050How will adult protective services give the alleged perpetrator notice of the initial substantiated finding?
HTMLPDF388-103-0060When is notice to the alleged perpetrator complete?
HTMLPDF388-103-0070What proves that adult protective services provided notice of the initial substantiated finding to the alleged perpetrator?
HTMLPDF388-103-0080Will adult protective services notify anyone other than the alleged perpetrator of the initial substantiated finding?
HTMLPDF388-103-0090May an alleged perpetrator challenge an initial substantiated finding?
HTMLPDF388-103-0100How does an alleged perpetrator request an administrative hearing to challenge an initial substantiated finding?
HTMLPDF388-103-0110What laws and rules will control the administrative hearings held regarding initial substantiated findings?
HTMLPDF388-103-0120What additional rules apply to administrative hearings regarding initial substantiated findings of abuse, neglect, or misappropriation of resident property, where the alleged perpetrator is an individual used by a nursing facility or skilled nursing facility to provide services to residents of that facility?
HTMLPDF388-103-0130How is confidential information protected in the administrative hearing process?
HTMLPDF388-103-0140How does the administrative law judge make a decision regarding the initial substantiated finding?
HTMLPDF388-103-0150What if the alleged perpetrator or the department disagrees with the administrative law judge's initial order?
HTMLPDF388-103-0160When does the initial substantiated finding become a final substantiated finding?
HTMLPDF388-103-0170What happens when an initial substantiated finding becomes a final substantiated finding?
HTMLPDF388-103-0180Is a final substantiated finding permanent?
HTMLPDF388-103-0190Will adult protective services notify anyone other than the alleged perpetrator of the final substantiated finding?
HTMLPDF388-103-0200Does the department disclose information contained in the vulnerable adult abuse registry about final substantiated findings of abandonment, abuse, financial exploitation, misappropriation of resident property, and neglect?
HTMLPDF388-103-0210May a nursing assistant petition the department to have their name removed from the vulnerable adult abuse registry?
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