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PDFWAC 388-101D-0265

Client bankbooks and bankcards.

(1) For clients who manage their own funds, the service provider must document in the client's record when the client asks the provider to hold the client's bankbooks and bankcards.
(2) When the service provider holds the client's bankcards or bankbooks as requested by the client:
(a) It is not assumed that the service provider is managing the client's funds; and
(b) The client must continue to have access to his or her own funds.
[WSR 16-14-058, recodified as § 388-101D-0265, filed 6/30/16, effective 8/1/16. Statutory Authority: Chapter 71A.12 RCW. WSR 08-02-022, § 388-101-3570, filed 12/21/07, effective 2/1/08.]
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