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PDFWAC 383-07-040

Duties of productivity board staff.

(1) The program manager shall report to the board and be responsible and accountable to the board for the administration of the program, and shall:
(a) Attend meetings of the board and ensure a record of its actions regarding the program is maintained.
(b) Propose policies, rules, and regulations appropriate for the administration of the program.
(c) Establish and maintain records and procedures necessary for the administration and maintenance of the program.
(2) Productivity board staff shall:
(a) Interact with agency managers regarding team participation and facilitate understanding and involvement in the program.
(b) Review applications and reports submitted by teams to ensure compliance with chapter 41.60 RCW and to recommend necessary changes.
(c) Interface with agency TIP liaisons and/or other agency personnel about the program.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 41.60 RCW. WSR 99-24-092, § 383-07-040, filed 11/30/99, effective 1/1/00; WSR 92-09-048, § 383-07-040, filed 4/10/92, effective 5/11/92; WSR 88-15-033 (Order 88-1), § 383-07-040, filed 7/14/88.]
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