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PDFWAC 374-80-050


(1) The agency must collect, from the applicant, a fee to cover the costs incurred in providing advice and technical assistance under the program.
(2) The agency will post the fee for providing advice and technical assistance under this program on the agency's website and in the program guidance.
(a) The agency will adjust the enrollment fee on an annual basis in July of each calendar year.
(b) The fee is based on the calculation of the costs incurred providing advice and technical assistance and other factors identified by the agency. The agency will make the fee calculation of identified costs available upon request.
(3) The applicant must pay the fee upon acceptance into the program. No advice or technical assistance will be provided until the fee has been paid.
(4) Unless the agency determines that an applicant's petroleum storage tank system is ineligible after the applicant enters the program, the fee is nonrefundable.
(5) Fees received by the agency under the program must be deposited in the heating oil pollution liability trust account.
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