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PDFWAC 374-70-100

Service provider requirements and procedures.

(1) All corrective action shall be performed by insurer approved heating oil tank service providers. A heating oil tank service provider is an independent contractor responsible for corrective action including excavation, sampling and testing, remedial actions, site restoration, and submittal of required reports to PLIA.
(2) Heating oil tank service providers are required to adhere to the terms and conditions detailed in the program's service provider agreement and to renew this agreement annually.
(a) PLIA provides a list of heating oil tank service providers on PLIA's website. This list is reviewed and updated regularly.
(b) Any service provider suspended or terminated due to violation of the service provider agreement is prohibited from participating in the heating oil insurance program.
(3) Once retained by the named insured or the third-party claimant, the heating oil tank service provider works with the insurer, PLIA, as the insurer's designated representative, the heating oil tank owner or operator and/or the third-party claimant to:
(a) Perform the corrective action;
(b) Document the costs of the corrective action; and
(c) File the forms required through the online community to receive payment from the heating oil pollution liability insurance program.
(4) All heating oil tank service providers must follow claims procedures as outlined in WAC 374-70-080.
(5) Whenever possible, all corrective action activities must meet the criteria established by MTCA and any pertinent local ordinances or requirements.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 70A.330.040. WSR 23-05-006, § 374-70-100, filed 2/2/23, effective 3/5/23. Statutory Authority: Chapter 70.149 RCW. WSR 97-06-080, § 374-70-100, filed 3/3/97, effective 4/3/97; WSR 96-01-101, § 374-70-100, filed 12/19/95, effective 1/19/96.]
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