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WAC 374-20-040

Public records available.

(1) All public records of the agency are available for public inspection and copying pursuant to these rules and subject to subsections (2), (3), and (4) of this section.
(2) Availability of public records is subject to the exemptions and requirements of RCW 42.17.310, 42.17.315, and 70.148.060.
(3) When a public record includes information the disclosure of which would lead to an unreasonable invasion of personal privacy, the agency shall delete such information before making the record available and the public records officer shall provide a written justification for the deletion.
(4) The agency shall, upon request for identifiable public records, make them promptly available to any person. If public records requested are not readily available for inspection, the agency shall notify the requester when and where the records will be available.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 42.17.250. WSR 90-14-019 (Order 90-4), ยง 374-20-040, filed 6/27/90, effective 7/28/90.]
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