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PDFWAC 365-230-250

Schedule of penalties.

(1) The standard penalty for each violation shall be a maximum:
First violation of any section, five hundred dollars and/or ten days suspension.
Second violation of any section, one thousand dollars and/or twenty days suspension.
Third violation of any section, one thousand five hundred dollars and/or thirty days suspension.
Fourth violation of any section, two thousand dollars and/or one year suspension or revocation.
Fifth violation of any section, five thousand dollars and/or one year suspension (or more) or revocation.
(2) The department may aggravate the maximum standard penalty in an amount not to exceed ten thousand dollars per violation and/or revocation, based on the following factors:
(a) The violation caused or had the potential to cause injury to humans or significant property damage;
(b) The violation involved fraud or intentional misrepresentation;
(c) The violation was similar to a previous violation; or
(d) The violator obstructed or failed to cooperate with the department's investigation of the violation.
(3) The department may mitigate the maximum standard penalty if the violator has cooperated with the department's investigation and has voluntarily undertaken steps to prevent reoccurrence of the same violation.
(4) Any person or entity whose accreditation or certification has been revoked shall not be eligible to reapply for one year from the effective date of the final order of revocation.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 70.103.10 [70.103.010], 70.103.20 [70.103.020], 70.103.30 [70.103.030], 70.103.40 [70.103.040], 70.103.50 [70.103.050], 70.10.80 [70.103.080], and 70.103.90 [70.103.090]. WSR 11-07-067, § 365-230-250, filed 3/21/11, effective 4/21/11. Statutory Authority: RCW 70.103.0030(2) [70.103.030(2)], 70.103.020, 70.103.030, 70.103.040, 70.103.050, 70.103.060, 70.103.070, 70.103.080, 70.103.090. WSR 04-10-037, § 365-230-250, filed 4/29/04, effective 5/30/04.]
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