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PDFWAC 365-196-455

Land use compatibility adjacent to general aviation airports.

(1) Requirements:
(a) Counties and cities in which there is located a general aviation airport operated for the benefit of the general public must, through their comprehensive plans and development regulations, discourage the siting of incompatible uses adjacent to such an airport.
(b) Comprehensive plans or development regulations that affect lands adjacent to a general aviation airport may only be adopted or amended after formal consultation with the following: Airport owners and managers, private airport operators, general aviation pilots, ports, and the aviation division of the Washington state department of transportation.
(c) All proposed and adopted plans and regulations must be filed with the aviation division of the Washington state department of transportation within a reasonable time after release for public consideration and comment, but at least sixty days before adoption. See WAC 365-196-630 regarding notice to state agencies.
(d) General aviation airports are essential public facilities. Counties and cities must also ensure that proposed changes to comprehensive plans and development regulations are consistent with policies governing siting essential public facilities adopted under RCW 36.70A.200. See WAC 365-196-550 regarding essential public facilities.
(2) Recommendations for requirements:
(a) Counties and cities should invite formal consultation for any proposed change to the comprehensive plan or development regulations that may affect airport operations. This should include: Any comprehensive plan or development regulation proposal that may affect land uses within the airport traffic pattern and approach in ways that may be incompatible with airport operations; and any proposal that may create an airspace hazard or obstruction.
(b) Counties and cities should coordinate closely with the aviation division of the Washington state department of transportation, and consider technical assistance materials, including airport master plans, airport layout plans, and other resources made available by the aviation division. Counties and cities are encouraged to contact the aviation division of the Washington state department of transportation early in the process of drafting development regulations and comprehensive plan policies that implement RCW 36.70.547.
(c) Counties and cities may, in coordination with the airport owner, conduct an evaluation of compatible and incompatible land uses adjacent to the airport. In most instances an evaluation would include a radius of at least one mile around the airport and the approach. This evaluation and related planning processes may address the following:
(i) Incompatibly issues of residential encroachment;
(ii) High intensity uses such as K-12 schools, hospitals and major sporting events;
(iii) Airspace and height hazard obstructions;
(iv) Noise and safety issues; and
(v) Other issues unique to each airport, such as topography and geographic features.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 36.70A.050 and 36.70A.190. WSR 10-03-085, ยง 365-196-455, filed 1/19/10, effective 2/19/10.]
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