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PDFWAC 363-116-400

Procedure for request by steamship company or agent that certain pilots not be assigned to certain vessels for specific safety reasons.

When a steamship company or agent believes a particular pilot should not be assigned to pilot that company's vessels for specific safety reasons, a detailed written request, limited to specific safety concerns, may be submitted to the board. In order to be considered, the request must be submitted within ten days of the alleged act or omission causing their specific safety concern.
The board shall investigate the request and shall conduct a hearing at a regularly scheduled board meeting not more than sixty days following receipt of the request and notification of interested persons. The pilot shall be notified in writing and provided with documentation in accordance with WAC 296-11-450. The board shall notify the steamship company or agent and pilot in writing of its subsequent decision and reasons therefore.
In the event that the request is approved, the board shall give the affected pilot a specific list of vessels for which that pilot shall not provide pilotage services as well as the length of time covering such restriction.
[WSR 97-08-042, recodified as § 363-116-400, filed 3/28/97, effective 3/28/97. Statutory Authority: RCW 88.16.035. WSR 88-09-016 (Order 88-7, Resolution No. 88-7), § 296-116-400, filed 4/13/88.]
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