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PDFWAC 363-116-080

Licensing of pilots.

(1) No person shall be issued a pilot license until he/she has applied for a pilot license and successfully completed:
(a) The written examination(s);
(b) The simulator evaluation;
(c) The pilot training program, as determined by the board;
(d) A physical examination; and
(e) Tendered the license fee stipulated in WAC 363-116-070.
(2) A majority of board members in attendance at a meeting where licensing of an applicant is scheduled for consideration, shall vote on the issuance of a pilot license. Pilot licenses shall be signed by the chairperson or his/her designee.
(3) At the time of completion of a training program as provided in WAC 363-116-078 and at the time of consideration for licensing, all applicants must provide a copy of his/her U.S. master license required by RCW 88.16.090 with a first class U.S. pilotage endorsement without tonnage or other restrictions on that U.S. master license to pilot in all of the waters of the pilotage district defined in RCW 88.16.050 in which the applicant desires to be licensed and an endorsement on that U.S. master license as a radar observer (unlimited); and a certificate representing competency in automatic radar plotting aids (ARPA).
(4) No person shall be licensed by the board who has been convicted of an offense involving drugs or the personal consumption of alcohol in the twelve months prior to the date of application. This restriction shall not apply to license renewals.
(5) After completion of a training program the trainee evaluation committee (TEC) shall review the evaluations and the pilot trainee's performance on other required aspects of the training program and report to the board that the pilot trainee has or has not: Successfully completed all requirements set forth in the training program including any addendum(s) to the program. The board shall consider training program documentation and TEC reports and may: Issue the license if there is a need for a pilot in the relevant pilotage district; deny a license if it finds that the pilot trainee should not be licensed; or, delay the issuance of a license, if there is no need for a pilot at that time in the relevant district. If the board delays the issuance of a license, it may at its discretion offer an optional program that would maintain piloting skills and knowledge and may enable stipend credit to be earned and paid. The criteria to be followed by the board in issuing or denying licenses shall include, but not be limited to: Performance in the training program; piloting and ship handling and general seamanship skills; local knowledge; and, bridge presence and communication skills.
(6) If two or more pilot trainees are deemed qualified by the board for issuance of a license at the same meeting of the board, the pilot trainee with the highest combined score on the initial written examination and simulator evaluation shall be licensed first.
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