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PDFWAC 36-12-280


(1) The timekeeper supplies the bell and timing equipment.
(2) The bell shall be placed at the ring no higher than the level of the ring platform and be of a clear tone so that the contestants and officials may easily hear it.
(3) Equipment shall include, but is not limited to, two accurate stopwatches, whistle, hammer, and bell.
(4) The timekeeper shall be seated at ringside with the bell and shall indicate the beginning and ending of each round by striking the bell with a hammer.
(5) Ten seconds before the beginning of each round the timekeeper shall blow the whistle as a warning for everyone but the referee and boxers to leave the ring.
(6) Ten seconds before the end of each round the timekeeper shall notify the referee that the round is ending by striking a hard surface with a hammer or other similar object.
(7) When a contest terminates before the scheduled rounds are completed, the timekeeper shall inform the inspector of the exact duration of the contest.
(8) The timekeeper shall assist the referee during the knockdown count of a boxer.
(9) The timekeeper shall stop time on the referee's command of "time-out" and shall restart on the referee's command of "time-in" or "box."
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