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PDFWAC 36-12-011


The following definitions will be used throughout this WAC:
(1) "Purse" is defined as the sum of money or other compensation by way of guarantee, percentage or otherwise, paid to a boxer.
(2) "Knockdown" is defined as when a boxer is knocked to the ring canvas by fair blows, hangs helplessly on the ropes, or the ropes prevent his/her fall, or any part of the body other than the soles of the feet touches the ring canvas.
(3) The "outcome of a contest" occurs when the contest has concluded, a determination has been made described in WAC 36-12-130, and the report to the boxing registry required by the federal Boxing Safety Act of 1996 has been submitted.
(4) "Neutral corner" is defined as one of the two corners of a ring that are not assigned to a boxer for a contest.
(5) A "count" is the audible measure of time signaled by the referee to a boxer who has been knocked down.
(6) "Scorecard" is defined as the document used by judges to score a contest.
(7) "Ten-point-must system" of scoring is defined as the scoring system used by judges giving ten points to the boxer winning a round and a lesser number of points to the boxer losing a round.
(8) "Foul" is defined as an action by a boxer, identified by the referee that does not meet the definition of "boxing" as described in RCW 67.08.002. Fouls may include, but are not limited to, the following types of contact or acts:
(a) Hitting, a low blow, below the navel or behind the ear;
(b) Hitting an opponent who is knocked down;
(c) Holding an opponent with one hand and hitting with the other;
(d) Holding or deliberately maintaining a clinch;
(e) Wrestling, kicking or roughing;
(f) Pushing an opponent about the ring or into the ropes;
(g) Butting with the head, shoulder, knee, elbow;
(h) Hitting with the open glove, the butt or inside of the hand, or back of the hand, the elbow or the wrist;
(i) Purposely falling down onto the canvas of the ring without being hit or for the purpose of avoiding a blow;
(j) Striking deliberately at that part of the body over the kidneys;
(k) Using the pivot blow (pivoting while throwing a punch) or the rabbit punch (punches thrown to the back of the head and neck areas);
(l) Jabbing the eyes with the thumb of the glove;
(m) Use of abusive language;
(n) Unsportsmanlike conduct causing injury to an opponent that does not meet the definition of "boxing" in RCW 67.08.002;
(o) Hitting on the break;
(p) Intentionally spitting out the mouthpiece;
(q) Hitting on or out of the ropes;
(r) Holding rope and hitting;
(s) Biting/spitting;
(t) Not following referee's instructions;
(u) Stepping on opponent;
(v) Crouching below opponent's belt;
(w) Leaving neutral corner; and
(x) Corner second shouting.
(9) "Fair blow" is defined as a blow delivered with the padded knuckle part of the glove to the front or sides of the head and body above the navel.
(10) "Event official" is defined as an official licensed under RCW 67.08.100 as a judge, referee, timekeeper, event physician, inspector, or other officials deemed necessary, and appointed by the department to provide services at a boxing event.
(11) "Manager" is defined as a person licensed under RCW 67.08.100 who contracts with a boxer to receive compensation for service as an agent or representative.
(12) "Second" is defined as a person licensed under RCW 67.08.100 who assists a boxer during a contest.
(13) "Matchmaker" is defined as a person licensed under RCW 67.08.100 who works for a promoter to propose, select or arrange for boxers to participate in a boxing contest.
(14) "Announcer" is defined as a person licensed under RCW 67.08.100 who works for a promoter announcing information to the audience at a boxing event.
(15) "Referee" is defined as an event official and is the chief official supervising a boxing contest.
(16) "Timekeeper" is defined as an event official who keeps the official timing of a contest.
(17) "Judge" is defined as an event official who scores a boxing contest.
(18) "Inspector" is defined as the event official who reports directly to the department and provides overall management of a boxing event.
(19) "Advance notice" is defined as a list of matches for an event submitted by the promoter to the department for approval that includes the names of proposed boxers for a contest, his/her manager or managers and other information that may be required by the department.
(20) "Boxing registry" is defined as the entity certified by the Association of Boxing Commissions for the purposes of maintaining records and identification of boxers and required under the federal "Professional Boxing Safety Act of 1996."
(21) "Contest" is defined as a fight scheduled between boxers appearing at an event.
(22) "Round" is defined as a two- or three-minute time period during which boxers compete in a boxing contest.
(23) "Net gate proceeds" is defined as the total dollar amount received from the face value of all tickets sold with complimentary tickets excluded.
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