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PDFWAC 358-40-050

Records availability—Copies obtained.

(1) Copies of all public records defined in Title 358 WAC and identified in current indexes maintained in the principal office of the personnel appeals board shall be made available upon request to the public records officer. Response to such requests will be in the order received.
(2) Available indexes shall include the following:
(a) Title 358 WAC.
(b) Notices and minutes of meetings.
(c) Personnel appeals board orders.
(d) Personnel appeals board budget and planning documents.
(e) Staff administrative procedures manuals.
(f) Factual staff reports and studies.
(3) No fee will be charged for inspection of public records. Inspection will be during office hours and must be accomplished without excessive interference with the essential functions of the agency.
(4) Copies of records will be made available at no more than actual cost as determined by the executive secretary.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 41.64 RCW. WSR 82-01-053 (Order 81-4), § 358-40-050, filed 12/16/81.]
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