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PDFWAC 358-30-010

Acknowledgment of appeal, setting of hearing.

(1) Upon receipt of an appeal, the executive secretary of the personnel appeals board or designee will acknowledge receipt of the appeal, send a copy to the other affected parties, and, when applicable, request a copy of the action letter and supporting documentation from the appropriate party.
(2) The executive secretary or his/her designee will review all appeal(s) for compliance with the timeliness requirements of RCW 41.06.170 and WAC 358-20-040. If an appeal appears to be untimely filed, the executive secretary or his/her designee shall direct the parties to submit affidavits and/or written argument in support of or in opposition to dismissal of the appeal. In addition, a motion to dismiss for untimeliness may be submitted by any party to an appeal at any time during the appeal process.
(3) A hearing before the personnel appeals board or hearings examiner shall be scheduled with written notice, specifying the time and place of the hearing provided to all parties of record to an appeal. Notice of hearing shall be mailed not less than thirty days prior to the date of the hearing, unless all parties agree to a shorter notice period. Hearings may be scheduled for primary and/or secondary settings.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 41.64.060 and 34.05.220 [(1)](a). WSR 95-07-074, § 358-30-010, filed 3/15/95, effective 4/15/95. Statutory Authority: Chapter 41.64 RCW. WSR 82-01-053 (Order 81-4), § 358-30-010, filed 12/16/81.]
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