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PDFWAC 357-31-225

When employees separate from state service, are they entitled to a lump sum payment of unused vacation leave?

(1) When an employee who has completed six continuous months of employment separates from service by reason of resignation with adequate notice, layoff, trial service reversion, separation, dismissal, retirement, or death, the employee is entitled to a lump sum payment of unused vacation leave. The payment is computed by using the formula published by the office of financial management. No contributions are to be made to the department of retirement systems (DRS) for lump sum payment of excess vacation leave accumulated under the provisions of WAC 357-31-215(2), nor shall such payment be reported to the DRS as compensation.
(2) General government permanent employees may defer the payment of accumulated vacation leave to which they are entitled for a period of thirty calendar days in any of these circumstances:
(a) If the separation resulted from a layoff, trial service reversion, or conclusion of a project or nonpermanent appointment and there is a reasonable probability of reemployment; or
(b) If the separation resulted from an employee returning to a classified position from an exempt position under the provision of RCW 41.06.070.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 41.06 RCW. WSR 15-11-102, § 357-31-225, filed 5/20/15, effective 6/22/15; WSR 11-19-091, § 357-31-225, filed 9/20/11, effective 10/24/11; WSR 05-08-137, § 357-31-225, filed 4/6/05, effective 7/1/05.]
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