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Chapter 357-25 WAC

Last Update: 11/20/20


WAC Sections

HTMLPDF357-25-005What is the purpose of this chapter?
HTMLPDF357-25-010What is the function of the governor's affirmative action policy committee?
HTMLPDF357-25-015Who administers the statewide affirmative action program?
HTMLPDF357-25-020What are the administrative responsibilities of the director's office?
HTMLPDF357-25-025What are the policy statement requirements that employers must comply with for the purpose of chapter 357-25 WAC?
HTMLPDF357-25-027What must be included in the agency's sexual harassment policy?
HTMLPDF357-25-030What are the affirmative action reporting requirements that employers must comply with for purposes of chapter 357-25 WAC?
HTMLPDF357-25-035What is the purpose of affirmative action plans and updates?
HTMLPDF357-25-040What must an employer include in an affirmative action plan and update?
HTMLPDF357-25-045When must employers establish affirmative action goals?
HTMLPDF357-25-050How does an employer determine the affirmative action goal for an affected group?
HTMLPDF357-25-055What affirmative action tools may employers use to increase the representation of persons with disabilities, Vietnam-era veterans, disabled veterans, and persons age 40 and over in applicant pools and certified pools?
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