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PDFWAC 352-75-020


When used in this chapter or chapter 88.36 RCW, the following words and phrases shall have the meaning designated in this section unless a different meaning is expressly provided or unless the context clearly indicates otherwise.
(1) "State parks" means the operating arm of the Washington state parks and recreation commission, which is responsible for implementation of commission programs established pursuant to statute or policy.
(2) "Boater" means any person on a vessel on waters of the state of Washington.
(3) "Boat wastes" shall include, but are not limited to, sewage, garbage, marine debris, discarded plastics, contaminated bilge water, cleaning solvents, paint scrapings, or discarded petroleum products associated with the use of vessels.
(4) "Commission" means the Washington state parks and recreation commission.
(5) "Director" means the director of the Washington state parks and recreation commission, pursuant to RCW 43.51.060(8).
(6) "Eligible cost" for sewage pumpout and sewage dump stations means the cost of that portion of the facility that can be financed under the provisions of this chapter and guidelines developed pursuant to this chapter.
(7) "Environmentally sensitive area" means a restricted body of water where discharge of untreated sewage from boats is especially detrimental because of limited flushing, shallow water, commercial or recreational shellfish, swimming areas, diversity of species, the absence of other pollution sources, or other characteristics.
(8) "Final offer list" is the list of projects approved by the commission which can receive funding from the account during the time period that the offer list is effective.
(9) "Financial recipient" is the entity which has been awarded a contract with state parks to receive funding for the construction of a sewage pumpout or sewage dump station.
(10) "Marina" means a facility providing boat moorage space, fuel, or commercial services. Commercial services include but are not limited to overnight or live-aboard boating accommodations.
(11) "Polluted area" means a body of water used by boaters that is contaminated by boat wastes or other pollutants at unacceptable levels, based on applicable water quality and shellfish standards.
(12) "Private entity" means any individual firm, corporation, association, partnership, consortium, joint venture, industry, or any other nonpublic entity which operates or has the potential to operate a boat sewage pumpout or portable sewage dump station facility.
(13) "Project" means sewage pumpout or sewage dump station facility(ies) for which a public or private entity applies for and receives funding or financial assistance.
(14) "Priority ranking list" means the list of rated and ranked projects for which state financial assistance is requested.
(15) "Public entities" means all elected or appointed bodies, including tribal governments, responsible for collecting and spending public funds.
(16) "Sewage dump station" means any receiving chamber or tank designed to receive vessel sewage from a portable container.
(17) "Sewage pumpout station" means a mechanical device, generally stationed on a dock, pier, float, barge, or other location convenient to boaters, designed to remove sewage waste from holding tanks on vessels.
[Statutory Authority: Chapters 43.51 and 88.36 RCW. WSR 91-15-103, § 352-75-020, filed 7/24/91, effective 8/24/91. Statutory Authority: RCW 43.51.050. WSR 90-10-052, § 352-75-020, filed 4/30/90, effective 5/31/90.]
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