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PDFWAC 352-32-045

Reservations for use of designated group facilities.

(1) All designated group facilities shall be reservable by groups as defined in WAC 352-32-010.
(2) All designated group facilities shall have a predetermined use capacity. No group exceeding this capacity in number shall use these areas. Groups making reservations shall be charged the applicable fee for a minimum of 20 people.
(3) Use of designated group facilities may be by reservation. Requests made at parks, not on central reservation system, for reservations for groups of 20 to 250 shall be made 15 days in advance and for groups in excess of 250 shall be made 30 days in advance of the proposed use date, using the group use permit. All conditions outlined on the group use permit shall be binding on the group.
(4) Submittal of the group use permit request and payment in full of appropriate fees are required for the use of these facilities. Fees must be paid by credit card, certified check or money order. Fees are published by state parks. Refunds will be made only to those groups which cancel their reservations thirty or more days before the effective date of the reservations.
(5) For overnight group use, parking will be in the provided, defined areas. If additional parking is required, it may be available in the park's extra vehicle parking facility following the payment of the appropriate extra vehicle parking fee.
(6) The organization or delegated group leader making the reservation is responsible for any damages or extra cleaning that occurs as a result of the use of the facility(ies) beyond normal care and wear.
(7) Facility reservations for parks not on the central reservation system are made at the park and will be accepted nine months in advance. Reservations shall be made by a person of the age of majority, who must be in attendance during the group's activities. Reservations at the parks will be accepted in writing, in person, or by phone at the discretion of the park manager. In person and phone reservation requests shall only be accepted at the park during normal park operation hours. All reservation requests will be processed in order of arrival. Group facility areas not reserved are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.
(8) Any group wishing to sell or dispense alcoholic beverages must request and obtain all appropriate licenses and permits. In order to sell alcoholic beverages, the group must obtain a temporary concession permit from the headquarters office of the commission.
(9) It shall be within the authority of the park manager, or his representative, to rescind the rights of a reservation, and remove from the park, any or all members of the group whose behavior, at any time, is in conflict with any state laws, becomes detrimental to the health and safety of the group or other park users, or becomes so unruly as to affect the reasonable enjoyment of the park by other park users.
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