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PDFWAC 352-12-010

Moorage and use of marine and inland water facilities.

(1) Marine and inland water facilities of the state parks within the Washington state parks and recreation commission system are designed and administered specifically to provide recreational opportunities for park visitors. Use of park facilities for purposes which are of a nonrecreational nature, such as long-term residency at park facilities, obstructs opportunities for recreational use, and is inconsistent with the purposes for which those facilities were designed.
(2) In order to afford the general public the greatest possible use of facilities, continuous moorage at a facility by the same vessel shall be limited to three consecutive nights, after which the vessel must vacate the facility for twenty-four consecutive hours, unless otherwise posted by the manager at any individual facility or area.
(3) No person or persons shall moor, berth or store a vessel of any type in a commission owned or operated park or area except in facilities posted as available for such use.
(4) Use of facilities by commercial vessels is prohibited except for the loading and unloading of passengers transported for recreation purposes: Provided however, Managers and rangers may allow extended or night moorage at any facility to commercial vessels unloading passengers transported to the park for recreation purposes if in the manager's or ranger's sole discretion sufficient space is reasonably available therefor. Commercial recreation providers operating such vessels must be in possession of a commercial recreation provider permit as required under WAC 352-32-330.
(5) In order to maximize usable space at mooring floats, boaters shall moor their vessels as close as reasonably possible to vessels already moored; and dinghies shall not be left moored to transoms or swimsteps, nor tied to or alongside moorage floats. Dinghies shall be tied up only in designated spaces or outboard of the moored vessel. Rafting of vessels is also permitted, within posted limits, but not mandatory.
(6) Except where designated by the director or designee, use of any facility shall be on a first-come, first-served basis only. Reserving or retaining space to moor or berth a vessel at any facility, by means of a dinghy or any method other than occupying the space by the vessel to be moored, shall not be permitted.
(7) Open flames or live coals, or devices containing or using open flames, live coals or combustible materials, including but not limited to barbecues, hibachis, stoves and heaters, shall be permitted on floats or piers only when placed on a fireproof base and the fire is located away from fuel tanks and/or fuel vents. In case of dispute related to fire safety, the manager or ranger shall make final determination.
(8) Except as provided in WAC 352-12-060, any violation of this section is an infraction under chapter 7.84 RCW.
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