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PDFWAC 352-11-665

Policies and procedures for conditioning or denying permits or other approvals.

(1)(a) The overriding policy of the Washington state parks and recreation commission is to avoid or mitigate adverse environmental impacts which may result from the agency's decisions.
(b) The agency shall ensure that presently unquantified environmental amenities and values will be given appropriate consideration in decision making along with economic and technical considerations.
(2) Policies - Specific. Agency policies, plans, rules and regulations are rooted in the agency's legislation, stewardship policies and rules promulgated by the agency. The following may be used to fulfill the intent of SEPA and may be used to mitigate significant adverse environmental impacts of agency actions:
(a) Authorities provided to the agency through Title 79A RCW Public recreation lands;
(b) Any other approval authority which may be granted to the commission in the future;
(c) Rules promulgated under Title 352 WAC;
(d) Approved commission and administrative policies;
(e) Other state agencies' applicable habitat conservation plans;
(f) Acquisition, development and maintenance of scenic and recreational highways, and rest areas, including landscaping and signing (chapter 47.39 RCW).
(3) The agency may exercise substantive authority to mitigate the environmental impacts of a project, according to the limitations provided in WAC 197-11-660, by conditioning or denying that project based upon agency SEPA policies.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 79A.05 RCW. WSR 07-03-121, § 352-11-665, filed 1/22/07, effective 2/22/07. Statutory Authority: RCW 43.21C.120. WSR 96-01-029, § 352-11-665, filed 12/11/95, effective 1/11/96. Statutory Authority: Chapter 43.21C RCW. WSR 84-20-112 (Order 84), § 352-11-665, filed 10/3/84.]
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