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PDFWAC 344-12-125

Notice of intention to abandon and plug (Form-3).

(1) The owner or operator shall not permit any well drilled for oil, gas, salt-water disposal, injection or any other purpose in connection with the exploration or production of oil and gas, to remain unplugged, except as otherwise provided in WAC 344-12-140, after such well is no longer to be used for the purpose for which it was drilled or converted.
(2) Before any work is commenced to abandon any well drilled for oil or gas, including any well drilled below the underground source of drinking water, the owner or operator thereof shall, prior to beginning operations of plugging the well, give notice to the supervisor or his representative of his intention to abandon such well, such notice shall be written, on Form-3 (Notice of intention to abandon and plug well), except that it shall be permissible to give oral notice followed within twenty-four hours by written confirmation on Form-3. Upon receipt of such notice, the supervisor or his duly authorized representative may elect to be present at the time indicated in such notice, to witness the plugging of the well.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 78.52.050. WSR 85-03-018 (Order 6, Resolution No. 10), § 344-12-125, filed 1/8/85. Statutory Authority: RCW 78.52.050 and chapter 78.52 RCW. WSR 82-12-052 (Order 3, Resolution No. 7), § 344-12-125, filed 6/1/82; Rule 23, filed 3/23/60.]
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