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PDFWAC 332-41-510

Public notice requirements.

(1) What are DNR's reasonable notice requirements? DNR shall use reasonable methods to inform the public when DNR issues a DNS under WAC 197-11-340, a mitigated DNS under WAC 197-11-350, a scoping notice under WAC 197-11-360, a draft EIS under WAC 197-11-455, a draft supplemental EIS under WAC 197-11-620, a final EIS under WAC 197-11-460, or when DNR schedules a public hearing under WAC 197-11-502, 197-11-535, and 197-11-610. DNR shall use two or more of the following reasonable methods of public notice, taking into consideration the geographic area affected by the proposal, the size and complexity of the proposal, the public notice requirements associated with DNR's non-SEPA decision (underlying governmental decision), public interest expressed in the proposal, and whether the proposal is a project or regulation:
(a) Notify persons or groups who have expressed interest in the proposal or in the type of proposal being considered, who have expressed interest in proposals located in the affected geographic area, and who DNR has identified as potentially interested parties;
(b) Publish a notice in a newspaper of general circulation in the area in which the proposal will be implemented;
(c) Post the property with appropriate signage;
(d) Post notices and environmental documents on DNR's SEPA center website.
(2) What if there are existing notice procedures regarding DNR's governmental decisions? Whenever possible, DNR shall integrate the public notice required under this section with existing notice procedures for DNR permits or approvals required for the proposal. DNR must comply with WAC 197-11-502 (Inviting comment), WAC 197-11-508 (SEPA register), and WAC 197-11-510 (Public notice).
(3) How are watershed analysis public notices issued? To receive forest practice approval, DNR allows thirty days to review and provide public input on proposed watershed prescriptions. DNR through its SEPA center must also give public notice and provide for public comments on a nonproject SEPA review of the proposed watershed analysis to assess environmental impacts as provided under RCW 43.21C.260. As directed in subsections (1) and (2) of this section for providing public notice, DNR uses two concurrent pathways to solicit public comment on watershed analysis. DNR requests public comments to be:
(a) Sent to DNR on watershed analysis prescriptions consistent with forest practice rules under WAC 222-10-035 and 222-22-080; and
(b) Sent to the SEPA center on environmental impacts consistent with SEPA.
[Statutory Authority: Chapters 43.21C, 34.05 RCW, WAC 197-11-902(2), and [197-11]-904(1). WSR 07-08-021, § 332-41-510, filed 3/27/07, effective 4/27/07. Statutory Authority: Chapter 43.21C RCW and RCW 43.30.150. WSR 84-18-052 (Order 432), § 332-41-510, filed 9/5/84. Formerly chapter 332-40 WAC.]
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