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PDFWAC 332-24-211

Specific rules for small fires not requiring a written burning permit.

In addition to WAC 332-24-205, the following rules shall apply to burning regulated by the department that does not require a written burning permit. A written burning permit is not required from the department under the following conditions:
(1) In certain geographic areas of the state as designated by the department in subsection (3) of this section and when the requirements of subsections (4), (5), and (6) of this section are met; or
(2) When the fire is:
(a) Contained within a campfire pit, approved by the department, located in a state, county, municipal, or other campground;
(b) Contained within a camp stove or barbecue;
(c) A hand-built pile no larger than four feet in diameter that is being used exclusively for recreational purposes; and
(d) Situated on bare soil, gravel bars, beaches, green field, or other similar areas free of flammable material for a sufficient distance adequate to prevent the escape of fires.
(3) A fire that does not require a written permit has established size limitations based on time of year and the county within which the burning occurs.
(a) From July 1 to October 15 individual pile size in all counties shall be limited to no larger than four feet, except pile size in Clallam and Jefferson counties is limited to ten feet.
(b) From October 16 through June 30 individual pile size in all counties is limited to ten feet; except pile size is limited to four feet in Island, King, Kitsap, Mason, Pierce, San Juan, and Spokane counties.
(4) A serviceable shovel and a minimum of five gallons of water must be within the immediate vicinity of the fire. A bucket is acceptable if the outdoor fire is adjacent to an accessible body of water. A charged garden hose or other adequate water supply may be substituted for the five gallon water requirement.
(5) Only one pile may be burned at any one time and each pile must be extinguished before lighting another.
(6) Burning must be done during periods of calm to very light winds. Burning when wind will scatter loose flammable materials, such as dry leaves and clippings, is prohibited.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 76.04.015, 76.04.205 and 70.94.660. WSR 92-14-096 (Order 599), § 332-24-211, filed 6/30/92, effective 7/31/92. Statutory Authority: RCW 76.04.015. WSR 91-20-060 (Order 583), § 332-24-211, filed 9/24/91, effective 10/16/91; WSR 87-11-005 (Order 504), § 332-24-211, filed 5/8/87.]
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