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PDFWAC 332-22-110

Mandatory lease terms.

Each lease negotiated or placed at public auction shall contain the following terms:
(1) The use or uses to which the land is to be employed. Provision must be made by insurance or otherwise, to protect the department against third-party claims arising from the uses made of the property by the lessee.
(2) Improvements which exist on the land at the time lease negotiation is completed or public auction is held shall be specifically described and, unless otherwise designated shall be considered as a part of the value of the land. Improvements may be required to be constructed as a condition of a lease. All existing improvements or those authorized or required under the conditions of the lease must be maintained at the sole cost of the lessee unless otherwise provided. All improvements must be protected against casualty loss in a manner satisfactory to the department unless otherwise provided. Improvements placed upon the land by the lessee shall become the property of the state at the end of lease term unless otherwise provided.
(3) Any lease with a term of more than ten years shall require a plan of development which includes scheduled completion dates for all required activities, improvements, or other actions.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 79.01.242. WSR 84-19-007 (Resolution No. 464), § 332-22-110, filed 9/10/84; WSR 81-03-059 (Order 350, Resolution No. 321), § 332-22-110, filed 1/20/81.]
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