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PDFWAC 332-20-360

Sale of grazing and other low priority lands—Applications to purchase.

All applications to purchase low priority land for the purpose of development as irrigated agricultural land shall be reviewed by the board.
Applications for the purchase of land for development as irrigated agricultural lands will be received during business hours in the proper office of the department. A deposit of not less than ten dollars per acre must be submitted with the application. Each application shall be accompanied by a complete and general plan of development of the area considered for purchase, including the following:
(1) Anticipated date of commencement of development.
(2) Anticipated date of completion of development.
(3) Type of development.
(4) Source of water and the total estimated cost of water, including the cost of wells or water diversion.
(5) Access or right of way available to the area.
(6) Type of proposed cropping.
(7) Anticipated production.
(8) Market for production.
(9) Anticipated gross return.
(10) Anticipated value per acre when irrigation development is completed and anticipated tax payment per acre based on present millage levies.
(11) A plat showing the area or areas to be developed for irrigation on the lands under application to purchase.
(12) Method of financing development.
(13) Plans for drainage.
(14) Any further information the board may require.
[Resolution No. 79, § 3, filed 10/5/67.]
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