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PDFWAC 332-20-010

Range management objectives.

The general objectives of the department in its management of state-owned range lands is to provide for the maximum utilization of the range resource consistent with the principles of multiple use and proper land conservation measures. Coincident with these general objectives, the department shall, with equal priority, seek to:
(1) Secure the highest return to the state under good management practices;
(2) Perpetuate the natural resources on both state and related lands through wise use, protection, and development;
(3) Provide the best practical, social, and economic correlation of the use of state lands with adjacent lands; and
(4) Stabilize that part of the livestock industry which makes use of state land through administrative policy and management practices which conform to the requirements of practical operation.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 79.28.050 and 79.28.040. WSR 83-21-018 (Order 402), ยง 332-20-010, filed 10/7/83; Rules (part), filed 12/3/63; Permit Range Regulations (part), effective 6/1/59.]
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