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PDFWAC 332-17-100

Application for permit to commence drilling, redrilling or deepening.

(1) The owner or operator of any well, or proposed well, before commencing the drilling, redrilling, or deepening of any wells shall file with the department a written application in triplicate of the intention to commence such drilling, redrilling or deepening accompanied by a fee of two hundred dollars as prescribed in RCW 79.76.070, except no fee is required for the drilling of core holes. The application shall be on forms as prescribed by the department and contain the following:
(a) The name of operator or company and address.
(b) Description of the lease or property including acres together with the name and address of the owner or owners of surface and mineral rights.
(c) The proposed location of the well or wells including a typical layout showing the position of mud tanks, reserve pits, cooling towers, pipe racks, etc.
(d) Existing and planned access and lateral roads.
(e) Location and source of water supply and road building material.
(f) Location of supporting facilities.
(g) Other areas of potential surface disturbances.
(h) The topographic features of the land, including drainage patterns.
(i) Methods for disposing of waste materials.
(j) The proposed drilling and casing plan.
(k) A surveyed plat showing the surface and expected bottom-hole locations and the distances from the nearest section or tract lines as shown on the official plat of survey or protracted surveys of each well or wells. The scale shall not be less than 1:24,000.
(l) A narrative statement describing the proposed measures to be taken for protection of the environment, including, but not limited to, the prevention or control of:
(i) Fires,
(ii) Soil erosion,
(iii) Pollution of surface and groundwaters,
(iv) Damage to fish and wildlife or other natural resources,
(v) Air and noise pollution, and
(vi) Hazards to public health and safety during operational activities.
(m) Such other pertinent information or data which the department may require to support the application for the development of geothermal resources and the protection of the environment.
Provisions for monitoring may be required as deemed necessary by the department to ensure compliance with these regulations.
The collection of data concerning existing air and water quality, noise, seismic and land subsidence activities, and the ecological system of the area may be required as deemed necessary by the department.
(2) An application for the drilling of core holes shall contain the following:
(a) Name and address of the operator or company.
(b) Name and number, location of the core hole or holes to the nearest quarter-quarter section or lot.
(c) Proposed depth of each core hole, but not to exceed 750 feet into bedrock.
(d) A map of sufficient scale to show topography and drainage patterns, access roads, and the proposed core hole locations. A metes and bounds description of each core hole location shall be provided to the department within thirty days of completion of the core hole or the approved core hole program.
(3) Well names and numbers shall not be changed without first obtaining the written approval of the department.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 79.76.050(2). WSR 79-02-001 (Order), ยง 332-17-100, filed 1/4/79.]
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