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PDFWAC 332-130-020


The following definitions shall apply to this chapter:
(1) Local geodetic control surveys: Surveys for the specific purpose of establishing control points for extending the National Geodetic Survey horizontal and vertical control nets, also known as the National Spatial Reference System (NSRS), but not submitted to the National Geodetic Survey for inclusion in the NSRS.
(2) GLO and BLM: The General Land Office and its successor, the Bureau of Land Management.
(3) Land boundary surveys: All surveys, whether made by individuals, entities or public bodies of whatever nature, for the specific purpose of establishing, reestablishing, laying out, subdividing, defining, locating and/or monumenting the vertical or horizontal boundary of any easement, right of way, lot, tract, or parcel of real property or which reestablishes or restores General Land Office or Bureau of Land Management survey corners.
(4) Land corner record: The record of corner information form as prescribed by the department of natural resources in WAC 332-130-025.
(5) Land description: A description of real property or of rights associated with real property.
(6) Land surveyor: Any person authorized to practice the profession of land surveying under the provisions of chapter 18.43 RCW.
(7) Redundant measurements: Independent observations of a quantity that are collected under different conditions. Horizontal angles measured to a point from multiple backsights, observing reciprocal zenith angles and backsight distances, "closing the horizon," and GNSS positions for a point that are computed using different satellite constellations are examples of redundant measurements.
(8) Parcel: A part or portion of real property including but not limited to GLO and BLM segregations, easements, rights of way, aliquot parts of sections or tracts.
(9) Survey Recording Act: The law as established and designated in chapter 58.09 RCW.
(10) Washington plane coordinate system: The system of plane coordinates as established and designated by chapter 58.20 RCW.
(11) Intelligent interpretation: A land boundary survey capable of intelligent interpretation will provide, either on the face of the document or by reference to other pertinent surveys of record, information that is sufficient in kind and quality to explain the rationale for the boundary locations shown thereon and to allow for the accurate and unambiguous retracement or re-creation thereof without requiring oral testimony for clarification. Includes, but is not limited to, information required in RCW 58.09.060(1) and WAC 332-130-050.
(12) Relative accuracy: Relative accuracy is the theoretical uncertainty in the horizontal position of any subordinate point or corner with respect to other controlling points or corners, whether set, found, reestablished, or established. Relative accuracy is not related to uncertainties due to differences between measured values and record values.
(13) Relative precision: An expression of linear misclosure, e.g., 1 part in 5000, in a closed traverse. Relative precision is computed after azimuths in a traverse have been adjusted. Relative precision is not a reliable predictor of relative accuracy.
(14) Controlling point or corner: Those points, whose horizontal positions are used to compute, establish or reestablish the horizontal positions of other subordinate points or corners. Subordinate points or corners are therefore dependent upon the positions of controlling points or corners.
(15) GNSS: Global navigation satellite system.
(16) Signature: A handwritten identification, or a scanned image of a handwritten identification, that represents the act of signing the person's name on a document to attest to its validity. This must be made with black ink on the document being certified; applied to the document by the identified person; and under the exclusive control of the person.
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