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PDFWAC 332-120-080

Survey monument preservation MOU for chip seal projects.

The purpose of this section is to cooperatively promote a reasonable method of land survey monument preservation throughout a pavement preservation treatment project in lieu of requiring an application for permit to remove or destroy a survey monument, per WAC 332-120-030.
(1) It is the responsibility of the licensed engineer, or their designee, in responsible charge of any pavement preservation project, which may cover existing visible survey monuments, to search for and identify any such survey monuments within the project limits.
(2) A state, county, or municipal agency conducting annual pavement preservation projects that cover existing survey monuments in the roadway may enter into an MOU with DNR which must include the following requirements:
(a) Annually, prior to the start date of planned pavement preservation projects, send notification to the department of planned projects for that year with road names and mileposts and/or beginning and ending intersections, including start date and expected date of completion;
(b) Acknowledgment of the agency's responsibility to ensure that all known survey monuments within the project area are located and protected;
(c) All monuments that were covered during a project shall be uncovered and made accessible after completion of annual activities; and
(d) The professional engineer in responsible charge of pavement preservation projects shall submit an annual letter to the department certifying that the affected monuments were uncovered.
(3) An agency which does not enter into an MOU under this section is required to submit a permit application following WAC 332-120-030 through 332-120-070 for any pavement preservation project that will cover a survey monument.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 58.24.040(8). WSR 20-10-003, ยง 332-120-080, filed 4/23/20, effective 5/24/20.]
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