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PDFWAC 332-12-450

Prevention of waste and environmental protection.

(1) The lessee shall conduct all operations in a manner to prevent waste and preserve property and resources. If the lessee fails to do so, the department may enter on the property to repair damages or prevent waste at the lessee's expense, in addition to other authorized actions.
(2) The lessee shall use all proper safeguards to prevent pollution of earth, air, and water. The lessee is responsible for all damage to public and private property caused by the lessee's operation and shall use all reasonable means to recapture escaped pollutants.
(3) The lessee shall explore for oil and gas with the minimum disturbance to the surface of the land. All drill holes shall be securely capped and/or plugged when not in use or abandoned. The lessee shall comply with all of the provisions of law governing surface and groundwater.
(4) Topsoil on lands to disturbed shall be removed and stockpiled on the site. The lessee shall take all necessary steps to insure the preservation of the stockpiled topsoil, including establishment of a temporary vegetative cover to prevent erosion. Upon the final abandonment or completion of a drilling operation, the lessee shall reclaim the lease premises, including restoration of the surface to acceptable contours, redistribution of the topsoil, and reseeding the land with native grasses and native plants prescribed by the department in the approved plan of reclamation.
(5) Upon completion of production or exhaustion of an oil and/or gas resource, the lessee shall reclaim the land, and plug and abandon all wells.
(6) The department may, in the plan of operations, require interim measures to reclaim the lease area and protect all resources and property.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 79.14.120. WSR 82-23-053 (Order 387), ยง 332-12-450, filed 11/16/82.]
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