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PDFWAC 326-20-172

Decertification of firms.

(1) A business may be decertified at any time the office determines that the business does not meet the current criteria for eligibility. A certified business shall notify the office, in writing, within thirty calendar days of any changes in its size, ownership, control, or operations. Failure to provide such notice in a timely manner may lead to decertification.
(2) When the office has determined that a certified business (a) no longer meets the certification criteria or (b) failed to supply additional information requested by the office in a timely manner, or (c) failed to give timely notice of changes, the office will provide the business with written notice of decertification.
(3) When a certified business notifies the office that it is no longer in business, has sold the business, or no longer wishes to remain certified, or when the certified business fails or refuses to return the renewal of certification form, the office will notify the business in writing of its decertification.
(4) Upon receipt of a notice of decertification letter, the business may request a brief adjudicative proceeding under WAC 326-08-012, Application for and conduct of brief adjudicative proceedings.
The request for brief adjudicative proceeding must be received by the office within twenty calendar days of receipt of the notice of decertification to the firm. The request for a brief adjudicative proceeding must set forth the reasons the business believes the office's decision to decertify is in error and must include any additional information and documentation the business has to offer.
(5) If the office has not received a request for a brief adjudicative proceeding nor any additional written documentation within twenty days of receipt of the notice of decertification letter, the decision to decertify becomes final, with no further rights to contest or appeal the decision.
(6) Upon receipt of the request for a brief adjudicative proceeding, the office will review the request and any additional information provided and may conduct further investigation and/or request that the owner(s) attend the brief adjudicative proceeding. The office will thereafter notify the business in writing of its decision to either affirm or reverse the firm's decertification.
(7) If the decision to decertify is appealed, the business shall remain certified until:
(a) The time provided by WAC 326-08-012 for appeal of the decision to decertify has expired without action by the business; or
(b) The entry of a final decertification order issued by the director pursuant to WAC 326-08-130.
(8) Decertification shall be effective immediately upon the occurrence of (a) or (b) of this subsection, and will not be stayed pending review by any court.
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