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PDFWAC 326-20-125

Processing fee.

The office shall charge a nonrefundable fee for certification or recertification based upon the legal organizational structure of the business, as follows: Fifty dollars for a sole proprietorship, $75 for a partnership (general or limited), and $100 for all other legal organizational structures; e.g., corporation or limited liability company: Provided, however, That the office shall only charge a $25 fee when the application requests DBE-only certification or recertification for all business legal organizational structures. The office shall also charge a nonrefundable $20 fee for processing annual updates for all business legal organizational structures. The business must submit the fee with the application for certification, recertification, or annual update. The business applying for DBE-only certification may request a waiver of the fee. The request for fee waiver must be submitted to the office in writing. The office will review the request and make a determination in accordance with the Washington state department of transportation (WSDOT) DBE plan. An application is not deemed to be received by the office until the required fee is received by the office or the request of waiver of the fee has been approved by the office. The office may waive processing fees for the purpose of reducing barriers to certification. When the office waives fees, the office will publish notice of the conditions and duration of the waiver prominently on its website.
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