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PDFWAC 317-50-030


Unless the context clearly requires otherwise, the definitions in chapter 317-05 WAC and the following apply to this section:
(1) "Financial responsibility" means demonstrated capability to meet state and federal financial liability requirements for actual costs of oil spill removal, natural resource damages, and necessary expenses.
(2) "Oil spill response barge" means a barge dedicated solely to oil spill response activities.
(3) "Nonpersistent oil" means a petroleum-based oil that, at the time of shipment, consists of hydrocarbon fractions where:
(a) At least 50 percent by volume distill at a temperature of 340 degrees Celsius (645 degrees Fahrenheit); and
(b) At least 95 percent by volume distill at a temperature of 370 degrees Celsius (700 degrees Fahrenheit).
(4) "Persistent oil" means a petroleum-based oil that does not meet the distillation criteria for nonpersistent oil.
(5) "Small tank barge" means a tank barge three hundred gross tons or less.
(6) "State waters" means the navigable waters of the state as defined in WAC 317-05-020(10).
(7) "Tank barge" means a tank vessel without a means of self-propulsion or a self-propelled tank vessel less than forty meters (one hundred and thirty feet) in overall length.
(8) "Tank vessel" means a ship that is constructed or adapted to carry, or that carries, oil in bulk as cargo or cargo residue, and that:
(a) Operates on the waters of the state; or
(b) Transfers oil in a port or place subject to the jurisdiction of this state.
A ship is constructed or adapted to carry oil in bulk as cargo or cargo residue if authorized to do so under the ship's certification or classification. A vessel carries oil as cargo or cargo residue if the oil is carried for dispensing to other vessels or equipment off the vessel, or for delivery from point to point, regardless of whether direct compensation for carriage is involved. A vessel being used to collect spilled oil from the water, and that may have some recovered oil storage capacity, does not carry oil as cargo.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 88.40.020 (2)(b), 88.40.020(5) and 88.40.030. WSR 97-10-096, ยง 317-50-030, filed 5/7/97, effective 6/7/97.]
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