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PDFWAC 315-04-040

General license.

The director may issue a general license, which authorizes a lottery retailer to conduct the routine sale of tickets at a fixed structure or facility, to an applicant who qualifies for licensure. The general license shall authorize the lottery retailer to conduct the routine sale of tickets at the location specified on the general license. An addendum to the general or provisional license may be obtained as provided for in WAC 315-04-220, permitting the lottery retailer to sell tickets in locations other than that specified on its license. A seasonal license designation may be issued by the director for businesses routinely closed for a minimum of three months not to exceed six months per calendar year. A seasonal license shall be placed in inactive status during the designated off-season for the retailer. The general license shall be valid until terminated by the lottery or the lottery retailer, provided, the lottery retailer shall provide periodic updates of license information as required by the director.
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