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PDFWAC 314-52-110

Advertising by retail licensees.

(1) Every advertisement by a retail licensee shall carry the licensed trade name or the registered franchise name or the trademark name. The term "trade name" shall be defined as the name as it appears on the license issued to the licensee:
(a) Words such as tavern, cafe, grocery, market, wine shop, and other similar words used to identify the type of business licensed, and numbers used to identify chain licensees, shall neither be required nor prohibited as part of the trade name in advertisements.
(b) Advertisements by a spirit, beer and wine restaurant licensee may also refer to cocktails, bar, lounge and/or the "room name." The term "room name" shall be defined as the name of the room designated as the cocktail lounge and/or the dining room.
(2) No retail licensee shall offer for sale any liquor for on premises consumption under advertising slogans where the expressed or implied meaning is that a customer, in order to receive a reduced price, would be required to purchase more than one drink at a time, such as "two for the price of one," "buy one—get one free," or "two for $______."
(3) Beer, wine, or spirituous liquor shall not be advertised, offered for sale, or sold by retail licensees at less than acquisition cost. The provisions of this section shall not apply to any sales made:
(a) For the purpose of discontinuing the trade of any product or disposing of seasonal goods after the season has passed;
(b) When the goods are damaged or deteriorated in quality, or to the bona fide sale of perishable goods to prevent loss to the vendor by spoilage or depreciation provided notice is given to the public;
(c) By an officer acting under the orders of any court; or
(d) In an endeavor to meet the prices of a competitor selling the same article or product in the same locality or trade area and in the ordinary channels of trade.
(4) Specialty shops, wineries, breweries, and craft distilleries acting as a retail licensee, providing free tastings to the public, are prohibited from using any term that implies the product is free in their advertising for such events.
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