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PDFWAC 314-25-040

Delivery of beer and wine—Records.

(1) Sales made by a ships chandler of beer and wine to an approved recipient may only be delivered to another ships chandler, a vessel for use in foreign commerce, a contracted Interstate Common Carrier, or employees thereof.
(2) Beer and wine may only be delivered when the ships chandler has on file a signed statement, in a format approved by the board, which indicates the captain of the ship or manager of the authorized purchasing business understands and agrees that:
(a) No beer or wine purchased will be consumed in Washington waters or territory or within three miles of the shores of the state of Washington;
(b) No beer or wine purchased will be consumed while the ship is docked in a Washington port; and
(c) Local law enforcement officers and board enforcement officers have the right to board and inspect the vessel while in Washington waters.
(3) Every statement will be notarized and remain valid for twelve calendar months after the date of signing and be signed by the master of the ship or his/her agent with the ships stamp affixed and countersigned by the ships chandler or their employee.
(4) A ships chandler or their employee must deliver any beer and wine directly to an authorized recipient purchasing the alcoholic beverage and it must be immediately placed into a locked storage area. The ships chandler must obtain the signature and printed name of the master or agent of the ship, ships chandler licensee or contracted Interstate Common Carrier on the delivery document which will contain the following information:
(a) Name of ship;
(b) Country of registry, if known;
(c) Type and amount of product delivered;
(d) Date of delivery;
(e) Name and address of ships chandler making the sale; and
(f) Signature and printed name of crew member receiving the liquor.
(5) The ships chandler will maintain records of all sales to ships, ships chandler licensees and Interstate Common Carrier approved licensees doing business in foreign commerce to include all federally mandated documents including order forms, bills of lading, affidavits, delivery to auxiliary location, etc., for a period of two years. Such records, or their computerized equivalent, will be available for inspection and copying by employees of the board upon request.
(6) Board employees have the right to enter and inspect, without warrant, any business, ship, aircraft, vessel, or transport vehicle from which beer and wine is delivered to or from a licensed ships chandler.
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