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PDFWAC 314-24-161

Domestic wineryAdditional locations for retail sales only.

A licensee holding a domestic winery license under RCW 66.24.170 may apply for four additional location licenses.
(1) Wine-related retail activities allowed at an additional location include:
(a) Serving of samples provided with or without charge to customers (must be wine of the winery's own production). Samples are subject to taxes under WAC 314-19-015 (4)(b);
(b) Selling wine of the winery's own production for either on-premises or off-premises consumption;
(c) Selling for off-premises consumption wine of its own production in kegs or sanitary containers brought to the premises by the purchaser or furnished by the licensee and filled at the tap at the time of sale; and
(d) Renting space for public and private events, such as catered events (subject to all of the provisions of this section, to Title 66 RCW covering the "tied house" restrictions, and to RCW 66.24.320 and 66.24.420).
(2) A licensee may request approval for an outside designated area. For the purpose of this section, an "outside designated area" means a specific area located on an outside track of land where alcohol consumption is allowed.
(a) An outside designated area must have prior written approval from the board's licensing division.
(b) The outside designated area shall be marked as such, and shall be enclosed in accordance with WAC 314-02-130(1).
(c) The outside designated area shall be on the licensed premises.
(3) Anyone involved in the selling or serving of wine, including the pouring of samples, at an additional location for on-premises consumption must obtain a Class 12 or Class 13 alcohol server permit.
(4) A winery additional location may hold a beer and wine restaurant license at the additional location premises under the following conditions:
(a) The licensee must apply for a beer and wine restaurant license with fees for the additional location:
(i) If a location is shared with multiple wineries not of the same entity, violations will be addressed per the requirements of RCW 66.24.170(4).
(ii) Where the location is shared with multiple wineries, the applicant will include in their application a list of other license holders at that location as well as a sketch illustrating the location of each licensee.
(iii) The licensee applying for the retail license must provide a letter from each winery sharing the additional location that acknowledges and accepts the conditions in (a)(i) of this subsection.
(b) The licensee must abide by all laws and rules of the retail license.
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